Web Design and Management

Over 23 Years of Creative Services


I have been providing various technical and creative services since 1991.


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Respect for Your Time


I complete your project on time....everytime.


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Creative Style & More


I can work with just about any style and I also provide additional creative services.


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Web Management Services


If your web site is mission critical, talk to us about management services to ensure the best response for any downtime.


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Web Development
Responsive service.

We provide web site design services from a simple site design to complex eCommerce and database-driven web sites.


Web Management
Peace of mind.

Don't want to maintain your web site? We provide web management services for busy clients that may need a little extra help.


Creative Services
Print, photography and videography.

Our services also include every aspect of the creative process. If your site needs video or custom photography, we can provide that.


Welcome to Yokom Web Design!

I have been providing creative and technical services since 1991. Over the years I have served clients ranging from local businesses to corporate giants like Microsoft. I bring all this experience to work for you at an affordable price. In fact I have this special offer for first time web clients:

Free video with web site

Video sells! Statistics show that 76% of web visitors will watch a video if it's available. For a limited time we are producing a free video with a new web site or web site redesign.
- Limit 3 minutes
- Shot from one location
- Produced for web only
- Not included with web intro package
Contact me for a free web site quote



A little background on my experience

I have been involved in the creative and technical design business since 1991. I started with a small graphic design company and grew into providing training and consulting on business graphics and documentation software. I have also been very fortunate to have won several awards for those efforts.


Web site intro package

We are about building relationships. It's tough out there so we try and help you get started with a quality site at a start-up budget! If you are just getting started with a new web site, we have special deals on web design starting as low as $500.00 installed on the host of your choice (free video not included).

Free web site planning guide

Totally free! We don't get your email or any information about you. This simple guide will help you plan your new web site even if you decide to use another designer. Enjoy with my compliments!

Download your guide here.


$100.00 on-time guarantee

On TimeI try to respect my client's deadlines. We all know that time means money so when we start a project you can have confidence that it will be completed on time. If there are any delays to your project because of me, I reduce your project cost by $100.00.